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It All Starts With A Date

Humans have enjoyed eating dates for thousands of years due to their health benefits and naturally sweet flavor.

As a functional food, Bahamii Balls are a sweet and on-the-go snack. By using dates as our number one ingredient, Bahamii Balls have a low glycemic index which helps promote a gradual and sustained increase in blood sugar without a crash, leaving you feeling full for longer. Bahamii Balls also contain healthy fats and protein which helps slow digestion. This could help control appetite and promote weight loss.

Why Dates?

We have pre-portioned Bahamii Balls into two balls allowing for precise food tracking. This also helps improve accuracy when calculating insulin doses for diabetics. Dates are also a great source of vitamins, natural sugars and calories which help boost and maintain energy without caffeine.

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Coconut Vanilla

Honey Cinnamon