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Dates are a special superfood...

which may provide many health benefits and have a potentially positive effect on health beyond basic nutrition 💪🏻

Why Dates?

Dates are high in fiber and contain a low glycemic index making it a great source of energy ⚡️ and nutrition.

Research indicates that foods high in fiber and contain a low glycemic index slow the rate of digestion and MAY cause a more gradual and lower increase in blood sugar making it a healthy and sweet snack for people living with or at risk for diabetes.

Bahamii is here to promote a healthy lifestyle by providing a naturally sweet, healthy and filling snack.

Now you can enjoy the satisfying feeling of sweets without feeling guilty!

Enjoy Bahamii with your morning beverages☕️ , before a workout, on a hike 🥾 and on any other adventure 🤸🏻‍♀️

Now that you know how amazing Bahamii is, we can't wait for our first date together! 👫

Chocolate Almond

Coconut Vanilla

Honey Cinnamon