Level-up your snacking game.

Date Energy Bites

Snack with confidence.

Organic Ingredients

Made with care for you & the environemnt.

Vegan Bites

Certified vegan & entirely plant-based.

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No Added Sugar

Only naturally sweetened by dates

What make's us special



Bahamii uses only 7 simple ingredients.


Dates are a great source of vitamins and natural sugars.


Naturally sweet and perfect for sharing.

Don't just take it from us

What our customers say
Matt KoartFormer NFL Defensive End

My wife stole my Bahamii and scarfed it down before I could taste it. But... she LOVED it and wants me to order some!


My kids love Bahamii! It’s a great snack for them after school when they’re heading to their sports activities. I also keep a pack in my purse for myself.


Okay, Bahamii might be the greatest new snack ever! Seriously, I went on the website when you told me the name. I was sold instantly because I was recently diagnosed as insulin resistant. I have been wearing a glucose monitor for the last few days to get an idea of how certain foods affect my blood glucose levels. I have a sweet tooth of course and ate a lot of fruit. Who knew that would shoot my blood sugar levels sky high??!! Well guess what, Bahamii does exactly what it says, my blood sugar levels stayed even and I satisfied my sweet tooth and was delicious.

Defined by one mission.

Energizing a healthy lifestyle by keeping everything simple and naturally sweet!

Supercharge your day.