Coconut Vanilla (Pack of 6)

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Includes 6 packs of Organic Date & Nut Energy Bites!

(Two 20g bites per pack)

We pinpointed the tropical flavor we were craving with a careful combination of organic ingredients. Coconut Vanilla is a delightful kick of coconut, followed by a breeze of vanilla.


Vegan, Gluten Free, No Preservatives, Plant Based, Kosher

These date energy bites are the best organic snacks, suitable for school snacks.

Enjoy the tropical goodness of these date bars, perfect as a healthy vegan snack and an option for snack bars for diabetics. Savor the unique blend of snacks with dates in these vegan snack foods.


Just 6 Organic Ingredients

Snack with confidence.

Certified Organic

Made with care for you & the environemnt.

Vegan Bites

Certified vegan & entirely plant-based.

Free Shipping

Available on orders $40+.

No Added Sugar

Only naturally sweetened by dates.