Behind Bahamii

Inspired by their diabetic great-grandmother's love for sweets & dates, three brothers, Noah, Aaron, & Jonah, founded Bahamii to offer convenient date snacks by using only clean and healthy ingredients.
We use dates as our #1 ingredient!
Dates are naturally sweet, contain many health benefits and provide a natural boost of energy without a crash.
Bahamii seamlessly blends the founders' American-Iranian culture and ingredients.
Bahamii’s name derives from the Farsi word 'Baham' meaning 'together, like on a date, just like our main ingredient! Bahamii’s logo is tied together and ends with two "i"s, symbolizing two people on a date. Each pack has two Date & Nut Energy Bites for easy sharing! Perhaps, on a date ;)
Bahamii is perfect for all, including diabetics, athletes, and children.

Are you hungry for date energy bars?

Do you want a tasty and filling healthy date snacks that satisfies your sweet tooth without feeling guilty?
Not a fan of caffeine and need a boost of natural energy?Looking for the best school snacks or for soccer games?
Bahamii has you covered! Come on a date with us and see why.

Bahamii use organic dates as the #1 ingredient to provide an amazing and fresh taste.
We focused on developing the perfect healthy date snacks with great texture 😋 and consistency 😍
Date energy bites provide a sweet flavor and moist consistency without the need for added sugar, artificial colors, powdered flavors or preservatives that make conventional snacks dry and chalky.
We only uses clean, simple and natural ingredients.
Seriously, we only have 7️⃣ ingredients that you actually know how to pronounce!

Our commitment to providing the best date energy bites extends to creating healthy date snacks that are perfect for kids, athletes, diabetic and more!