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Dates are consumed all around the world 🌎

They have been a staple food in the Mediterranean diet for thousands of years.

Even fossil 🦴 evidence indicates that dates were cultivated at least 50 million years ago. 

Dates 🌴 are a rich source of vitamins and nature’s original sugar.

Even with their amazing health benefits and taste, raw dates are inconvenient. When eating dates, people have dealt with their large pits and stickiness 😣

Thankfully, Bahamii eliminates both of these! 😄

Are you hungry?

Do you want a tasty and filling snack that satisfies your sweet tooth without feeling guilty? 

Not a fan of caffeine and need a boost of natural energy? 

Looking for the best snack for your kids to take to school or soccer games? 

Bahamii has you covered! Come on a date with us and see why.

Bahamii use organic dates as the #1️⃣ ingredient to provide an amazing and fresh taste.😋

We focused on developing the perfect snack with great texture 😋 and consistency 😍 Dates provide a sweet flavor and moist consistency without the need for added sugar, artificial colors, powdered flavors or preservatives that make conventional snacks dry and chalky.

We only uses clean, simple and natural ingredients.

Seriously, we only have 7️⃣ ingredients that you actually know how to pronounce!

We combine the health benefits and naturally sweet flavor of dates with other superfoods

such as:
Almonds, Cocoa, Vanilla extract, Coconut, Honey and Cinnamon
to provide a nutrient dense and convenient on-the-go snack.