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Why Did We Choose Dates As Our Number One Ingredient?

Dates, as a functional food, have been a staple food in the Mediterranean diet for thousands of years. Even fossil evidence indicates that dates were cultivated at least 50 million years ago. Dates are a rich source of vitamins and a natural sweetener making it a versatile superfood. We focused on developing Bahamii Balls without added sugar, powders or preservatives to make an organic, fresh, filling, and all-natural snack.

Using Simple Ingredients, We Reconstruct Raw Dates Into Bahamii Balls

Eating raw dates can be inconvenient. Raw dates are sticky and have a large pit. Therefore, we chose to harness the benefits and flavor of dates to create nutrient filled and sweet Bahamii Balls!

Dates Are A Functional Food

Bahamii Balls are a functional food for DIABETICS, parents that want to provide their CHILDREN with a tasty and nutritious snack, and ATHLETES looking to perform at the highest level. Bahamii Balls combine dates with other superfoods to provide a nutrient dense and delicious on-the-go snack.

Story Behind The Name

By utilizing date puns, Bahamii uses the root word “baham,” a Farsi word which means together, to highlight people being together on a date. The idea of a couple on a date also works into our logo and product. Bahamii has two “I”s at the end to represent two people on a date. We also have 2 balls per pack for easy sharing between two people.