Kid eating a chocolate ice cream snack he is not supposed to eat.

Why You Shouldn’t Stop Your Kids from Snacking

Aug 07, 2023Noah Nazarian

If you’re a parent, then you’ve probably had to snatch away food you didn’t want your child to eat at some point. Almost every parent has dealt with the dilemma of balancing appropriate proportions of healthy and nourishing food for their kids with the classic cravings for candies and fries. You want your kids to be happy and feel bad taking away one of their pleasures. However, at the end of the day, it is understandable that health is the number one priority. Many parents will resort to either one of the two options. The first is to limit their children’s intake of snacks by only supplying a certain quantity in a given time. The other, more severe option is to remove all distractions and completely prevent their kid from eating unhealthy items. These parents cleanse their houses of treats and have strick no-junk-food policies. Despite all these measures, the kids somehow end up craving snacks even more and become unhappy. Why?

Teaching the Wrong Behaviour

Contrary to popular belief, the notion “out of sight, out of mind” doesn’t apply well in these situations. Children will inevitably see their friends at school or characters in digital media eating food that they are restricted from having. In a study [1] conducted on girls in elementary school, it was found that the girls who had dietary restrictions at home were more likely to eat larger portions of junk food. Additionally, they tended to do so even in the absence of hunger - a trait widely observed in individuals who become overweight in later years. Another study [2] concluded that restricting certain foods conversely draws the kids’ attention even more to these selected items. Consequently, the children developed a bigger desire for these unhealthy foods. 

Healthy Solution

If restricting diets makes the problem even worse, how can parents still moderate their children’s nutrient intake effectively? The answer lies in making the children believe their food is not being limited, and continuing to satisfy their cravings when hungry. Although this may sound like an impossible task, emerging food brands have created healthier snack alternatives which taste as good, or even better, than regular snacks.

Bahamii’s Honey Cinnamon Energy Bites.

Bahamii is an innovative company that has taken an unorthodox approach in using dates to create superfood snacks. With these snacks, parents no longer have to worry about any hidden preservatives or additives. Bahamii’s date bites are made with only 7 simple ingredients. The key ingredient, dates, makes the snack naturally sweet and has a low glycemic index, so you don’t have to worry about your kid having a sudden sugar rush. The best part? The snacks come in packs of 2 that can fit easily in your bag when you’re on the go. Keep a few packs in your kid’s backpack, your workbag, workout duffel, whatever you usually bring around, and you no longer have to worry about what to feed your child when he/she gets hungry.  

Bahamii is also a trusted partner of the Boys & Girls Club of America and has been focused on developing a product that is not only nutritious but also delicious for young children. 


Bahamii’s founder Noah Nazarian giving a talk to the Boys and Girls of America Club

If you’re a parent who has been struggling with controlling your child’s diet, look no further. The solution to your pressing problem has been solved by Bahamii.


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