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Why Should You Start Eating Dates?

Move away apple, it is time for a new superfood: the date. Many may look at the wrinkly, brown fruit and brush it aside. However, it is jam-packed with nutrients, making it Earth’s most natural candy.

The prized fruit has long earned its place in the plates and pantries of the Middle East and North Africa, and it has just begun being recognized for its superfood qualities in the U.S. Especially recently, dates have been a staple in healthy dessert recipes– such as brownies, peanut butter-stuffed date bites, and coconut bars– and in fitness blogs due to its ability to not sacrifice flavor for health; it has a naturally sugary taste with a low glycemic index which means that it does not cause spikes in blood sugar levels unlike the usual processed sugars. This characteristic of dates makes it a friendly snack for diabetics and those who are keeping an eye on their sugar. Yet despite their low glycemic index, it is important to still be mindful of how much of it you eat as they are high in calories and their naturally-sweet nature can make them addicti.

Apart from the benefits it brings in taste, it also carries a wide range of vitamins and nutrients that are all included in the recommended daily nutrition intake including B vitamins, potassium, magnesium, and many more. 100 grams worth of dates itself contain about 20% of the daily recommended amount of potassium. Similarly, they are rich in antioxidants like flavonoids and carotenoids which are beneficial to heart and eye health and may also combat inflammation. Dates are also a great source of fiber, which means that the can improve digestion and act as a natural laxative.

How to Incorporate Dates Into Your Diet

Now that you have all this new information on the benefits of dates, what should you do? Are they best eaten in its bare form, or to be cooked in some way?

The good news is that dates are versatile and very easy to incorporate into your diet. You can simply eat it on its own, with cheese, or even turn it into a no-bake dessert. In her short video, TikTok famous influencer Emily Mariko shares her favorite homemade date-based dessert recipe which involves pitting the dates, stuffing them with almond butter, and lastly coating them in chocolate to create healthy chocolate bars.

However if you are one of those people who can’t seem to put in the time and effort for homemade treats, you are in for a treat. Los Angeles-based healthy snack brand Bahamii makes it easy for you by bringing together dates and organic ingredients to make a delicious snack. Bahamii's date-based bites, contain no additives and contain dates as their main ingredient. The company’s founder, Noah Nazarian, was inspired by his great-grandmother’s favorite fruit and wanted to share the enjoyment she felt from eating dates with others as well as provide a healthy dessert solution for diabetics.

To get your hands on the Bahamii Bites, order online or get them in-store!

Customer Reviews & Recipes

My kids love Bahamii! It's a great snack for them after school when they're heading to their sports activities. I also keep a pack in my purse for myself.
- Nicole


My wife stole my Bahamii and scarfed it down before I could taste it.
But... she LOVED it and wants me to order some!
- Matt Koart

Former NFL Defense End

Bahamii does exactly what it says, my blood sugar levels stayed even and I satisfied my sweet tooth and was delicious.
- Anonymous

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