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The New Date-Based Snack Driving College Students Crazy

Being a college student means juggling schoolwork, meetings, and hanging out with friends, all of which require organization and energy. For these students at the University of Southern California, a certain sweet treat has been providing them with the energy to power through their busy days, and not to mention, they’re completely guilt-free and are good for you: Bahamii’s date-based energy bites, are the perfect bite-sized snacks for these students to easily throw into their backpack and share with friends during a break.

Jacklyn K, a student at the Marshall School of Business, says that Bahamii’s chocolate almond date bites are her favorite flavor and that they have been helping her through this midterm season. “Midterms are always stressful and sometimes, I forget to prepare food or have to rush to class. I find that the date bites are great for late-night study sessions or when I feel like having a snack but don’t want something too sugary or heavy. They’re just so convenient to eat since they’re bite-sized.”

For others, the date-based snack is perfect for getting in some fuel before doing some physical activity. “I like Bahamii’s date bites,” states Steven A, a Computer Science - Games major at the university. “I usually eat them before my morning runs cause surprisingly, they give me a lot of energy. I also like how they’re easy to just throw in my bag and bring to school.” 

Bahamii does not separate health and indulgence by keeping their energy bites clean, using only seven simple ingredients and avoiding any use of preservatives. Its founder, Noah Nazarian, was inspired by his great-grandmother's love for dates and wanted to share this enjoyment with others. He wanted to make dates easy to eat and to combine them with the power of superfoods to create the perfect on-the-go snack that is packed with nutrients and incorporates the naturally-sweet fruit.

The dessert-reminiscent snack proves to be a healthier alternative to picking up a Twix or a Snickers bar, which are packed with additives and processed sugars that are harmful to the body in excessive amounts. The main ingredient in Bahamii’s bites– dates– has a flavor like caramel but unlike it, has a low glycemic index that can keep you satiated for longer and maintains even blood sugar levels.

“I’m currently taking a health class and it’s made me more conscious of how important the quality of the food we eat is,” says Ellen H, a business major who was introduced to Bahamii’s date bites by a friend. “I have a major sweet tooth so I knew I had to find an alternative for chocolate. The date bites definitely satisfy my cravings for something sweet and I like to switch between the different flavors to keep it interesting.”

Bahamii founder Noah hopes that Bahamii Bites will become the go-to healthy snack for athletes and active students, and hopes to make dates easier to eat for more people. With the COVID-19 pandemic fuelling society’s already-growing snacking habits, it is ever more important for students to maintain a healthy lifestyle for a healthy brain; choosing the right snack is just the first step.

Customer Reviews & Recipes

My kids love Bahamii! It's a great snack for them after school when they're heading to their sports activities. I also keep a pack in my purse for myself.
- Nicole


My wife stole my Bahamii and scarfed it down before I could taste it.
But... she LOVED it and wants me to order some!
- Matt Koart

Former NFL Defense End

Bahamii does exactly what it says, my blood sugar levels stayed even and I satisfied my sweet tooth and was delicious.
- Anonymous

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