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The History and Significance of Dates

Dates have a long history, considered as the oldest cultivated fruit, with discoveries in Mesopotamia that traces its origins back almost 50 million years. Date palm trees can produce as many as a thousand dates in one cluster. The distinctive date palm exists in abundance in the Middle East and Northern Africa areas, creating a lush landscape in the deserts and hot climates where they grow. For many years, date trees have served as an abundant source of food and shade for nomads, and have ultimately become a symbol of fertility, prosperity and hospitality as the tree has been the subject of many myths, religious histories, and ancient art.

As the trees expanded over the Middle East and eventually to other dry climates around the world, they took on a spiritual significance. Date palms are mentioned in the religious texts of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Dates are apparently mentioned in the holy book of Islam, up to 20 times; it is also known that Prophet Muhammad exhorted the faithful to eat dates because of their great health-boosting effects, many of which have now been scientifically confirmed. Palm Sunday, a Christian and Jewish feast, refers to date palms, while the tree also symbolizes Apollo in ancient Greece, who was born under a date palm. There are also folklores about the famous Phoenix bird building its nest on top of a date tree. It’s even in the scientific name - Phoenix dactylifera. The general name Phoenix was most likely given to honor the date seed's propensity to lie dormant for years, if not decades, before germination when conditions are favorable.

Being one of the only fruits that can be cultivated in the deserts of the Middle East, dates became integral to the diet and culture of the region. In the 1300’s, from one oasis to another, they were transported through trade routes, and also helped nomads survive the climate and commute. Dates also worked - and still do - as feed for animal companions like camels and dogs. They still have massive significance as they are part of Middle Eastern cuisine and tradition - it is customary to offer visitors dates when they visit. Adorning the markets of Egypt to Saudi Arabia, dates are as familiar as a fruit can get.

This superfood, which has provided important nourishment to centuries of Middle Eastern and North African civilisations, has a wide range of essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Dates have evolved from a meal required for life in hard desert settings to a vital element of people's daily diets all around the world. With its adaptability, nutritious qualities and sweet taste, it easily caught the attention of health-conscious consumers and became a high-demand superfood in the West.

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